What’s Liteflow?

Liteflow is a new open platform for application processing that helps developer-entrepreneurs launch projects easily and quickly.

It reduces duplicated code by basing applications on reusable, customizable components, and makes it really easy to transfer data between components. Liteflow also helps developers avoid steep or unpredictable expenses by running applications on your behalf at a pay-per-execution rate.

But why talking about it?

The goal of the MESG Foundation has always been to increase development efficiency and empower open-source developers economically. Liteflow has the same vision statement with a similar developer experience.

While MESG is easy to build on, understanding how it works under the hood has been a challenge. It also became increasingly clear that while blockchain technology carried a lot of interest and promise, the same could not be said about cryptocurrencies, which many have now grown to fear.

We now see that cryptocurrencies are not an ideal foundation to base application frameworks upon. The complexity of implementation and highly-fluctuating prices were a big concern for the risk they posed to an otherwise-stable building platform.

MESG vs Liteflow: what's the difference?

MESG’s complex, blockchain-based technology will remain intact, along with its grand vision of incentivizing development through a network of services.

Liteflow is the user-facing product. It simplifies the user experience of building applications, allowing you to focus only on what’s essential.

MESG is a research project that aims to solve similar issues to Liteflow with advanced technologies that will evolve.

Liteflow boasts a simplified UX with features including:

  • A simple onboarding process including a free trial, pay-per-execution, and easy payment methods.
  • Optimized organization of applications and projects
  • A credit system with automatic monitoring to track what happen in your application.
  • Automated key management for users
  • No more scary cryptocurrency knowledge required

What does this mean for MESG?

MESG will remain an advanced development tool with the same goal of promoting an open economy of application development and executions. Meanwhile, all of the tools made to simplify the development experience have been deprecated and removed as you can find such tools or equivalent on Liteflow.

Also, a new CLI for MESG, focusing on generating a genesis, creating networks, interacting with low-level APIs, etc., will be released soon for those looking to build with the underlying technology.