This month marks the release of the Engine v0.17, decentralized executions, an updated Marketplace website, and a migration to a JavaScript mono-repo.

We released Engine v0.17 with 47 merged pull requests.

Decentralized executions

The executions have been migrated to Cosmos and Tendermint and are now decentralized 💪.

This is a huge milestone! It means that one Engine can ask another Engine to execute tasks on its behalf and to receive the results. In effect, this enables applications to run entirely within a decentralized cloud.

It also opens up the specialization of Engines. For example, instead of one Engine running all the required services for an application, each service can run on separate Engine. This allows significant services to run on a dedicated Engine without disrupting the rest of the network.


The Marketplace has been updated to fetch the services directly from the decentralized network of Services, which was released last month.

Marketplace website

The Marketplace is running on a private testnet where any published service is made directly available on the Marketplace website. The services can be downloaded and ran on your Engine with a simple command line:

mesg-cli service:create "$(curl -s"

We'll open it up in early 2020 so anyone will be able to publish and reuse any services from the whole MESG community.


Last big update is a fusion of the cli and mesg-js into the js-sdk mono-repo. I invite you to read more about it on the dedicated article:

New JavaScript SDK for MESG
After seeing all the inefficiencies our the mesg-js library, we decided to merge all of the tools into a general Javascript SDK composed of 4 independent libraries: @mesg/api, @mesg/service, @mesg/application & @mesg/cli.


Follow the link below to see the complete changelog:

To update the Engine and the CLI, follow the installation process on the documentation.