ATD centers around the idea that tokens will be released to exchanges daily, with released quantities tied algorithmically to trading volume.

The ICO boom and bust of 2017–2018 left buyers skeptical in its wake. As first-hand witnesses to the ICO’s rise and fall, we were able to see which distribution methods work well, and which are best avoided.

After considering options like a stablecoin or a long-term ICO, we decided to explore a new route. When it came to launching our own utility token, we wanted to do it right, and ATD is our shot at that.

What’s Algorithmic Token Distribution?

A few massively-successful projects like EOS and Ripple have shown us some interesting token-launch alternatives. Inspiration from these projects, in addition to the stablecoin concept, lead us to solution that we’re calling an Algorithmic Token Distribution (ATD).

ATD centers around the idea that tokens will be released to exchanges daily, with released quantities tied algorithmically to trading volume.

While total token supply will remain static, tokens will be released to exchanges daily with quantities tied algorithmically to the previous day’s trading volume.

We believe this system creates a win-win situation for all involved parties: the developers and businesses using MESG, the token holders, and the MESG Foundation itself.

The MESG Foundation decided on the ATD because the project has been fully funded internally since its inception, allowing us to forego the ICO route altogether and instead launch directly to exchanges.

Listing directly on exchanges increases our audience and reach. Also, it puts the token’s utility first, by allowing MESG Network users to easily purchase and use the MESG Token for its intended purpose. But most of all, the ATD will aid in the stabilization of token value.

The details on MESG’s ATD

The demand metrics which correlate with the daily release volume will be, for example, the number of transactions in the MESG Network and the real volume in exchanges. This is opposed to fake volume, for which we have algorithms to remove.

For example, if the MESG Foundation decides on a figure of 1% of trading volume, and if there is a daily trading volume of $100k, we will only release $1k of tokens on the following day. And if there is a rather large day of trading, with a volume of $1 million, we will release $10k worth of tokens the following day.

The goal is to publicly distribute 62.5% of the total supply, fixed at 250 million total tokens, through the Algorithmic Token Distribution, but this process should take many years.

The number of MESG Tokens will never exceed the total fixed supply at any point in the lifetime of the MESG Foundation.

Transparent metrics

Best of all, we’ll be acting with transparency by publishing metrics daily for the community on our website regarding past token volume and tokens released to exchanges.

To learn more about our token listing, the Algorithmic Token Distribution, or to explore our powerful and flexible development tool, check out our website at