Hey MESG community,

This month we are excited to bring you some more great news as our development progresses.

Now listed:

MESG is now listed on IDEX. This is the second exchange to list the MESG Token after the DigiFinex launch last month.

IDEX is a decentralized exchange that is limited to Ethereum tokens only. This means that trading pairs on IDEX will be limited to MESG/ETH.

Important note: Because the MESG Token is now listed on multiple exchanges, there may be pricing differences between exchanges.

To learn more about how to trade on IDEX, check out this comprehensive guide.


As a decentralized exchange, IDEX is very much aligned with the principles and vision of MESG. In addition to decentralization, IDEX features:

  • Place, fill or cancel orders in real-time, no need to wait for transactions to mine.
  • Fill multiple orders simultaneously without needing to wait for the Ethereum network block times or backlogs.
  • Lower gas costs. Gas costs on IDEX are 1/10th of competitors
  • Theft and fraud protection via smart contracts

Stay tuned!

We will be listing on even more exchanges very soon.

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