We’re proud to announce the MESG Token (MESG) has been listed and is now available for purchase on DigiFinex, BitForex and IDEX!

Fueling the new economy of app development

The MESG Token packs some serious utility: it's made to an entire economy of application development.

The token is used to buy and sell services within the MESG Marketplace, and later on, to power decentralized executions and validations in the network. Proceeds from services on the Marketplace go directly to developers for the services they build, MESG won't take a cut.

Services are purchased by developers wanting to save time, or avoid learning a new languages or data formats first. Now developers can use features from technologies that were previously too complicated or time consuming build themselves.

The MESG Engine enables easy scalability and maintenance, by automatically translating communications between all services in all applications. This service-based approach allows all app components to stand alone, free of dependence and interconnectedness, yet able to interact with any other feature or application.

Coming soon: even more utility

MESG will see a major boost in its capabilities in early 2020. At this time, we we will introduce decentralized executions, where apps can live and react using entirely decentralized cloud computing (no servers required).

When the network is launched, the MESG Token will see an increase in utility. Not only will it be used for buying and selling the decentralized services and apps, but it will also be used to power and secure the entire MESG Network.

Users wanting to support the MESG Network will be required to stake MESG Tokens to ensure good behavior and availability. Then by running their computer, will be rewarded in MESG Tokens for the emitting, validating, and executing tasks and events that flow through the network.

Network participants executing transactions for others’ applications through a decentralized network will result in unstoppable, inexpensive and maintenance-free applications that are always available, running through a decentralized cloud.

Algorithmic Token Distribution

In an effort to promote transparency and stability, the MESG Token will be released using an innovative system called Algorithmic Token Distribution (ATD).

This algorithmic release mechanism will disperse tokens to exchanges daily, depending on the previous day’s token trading volume. For example, MESG may decide to release 1% of the previous day’s trading volume. So, if there is a total volume of 1 million tokens on a given day, MESG will release 10,000 tokens the next day.

Distribution metrics will be published daily on https://atd.mesg.com.

Get yours today

MESG Tokens are listed on DigiFinex or BitForex.

To learn more about the MESG Token, including distribution statistics head over to www.mesg.com/token