February marks the launch of the MESG Testnet built using Tendermint/Cosmos, updates to the ATD V2, plus milestone 1 of our Aragon integration.


The new testnet was published on January 15th, 2020. It uses four validators spread around the world.

One validator is located in San Francisco, another is in Singapore, the third is in Frankfurt and the final validator is in Toronto. Four was chosen because it is the number of validators needed to tolerate a situation in which a single validator stops, or acts maliciously, without affecting the blockchain.

The goal of this testnet is to learn how the blockchain behaves under real-world conditions. We haven’t stress-tested the network yet, but this will come in the following weeks, so stay tuned :)

We also built an Explorer for the testnet for the visualization of testnet data, and posted it on Product Hunt (below).

Above is a quick demo, but please feel free to check out the Explorer at https://explorer.testnet.mesg.com

We also connected Grafana to the testnet for additional monitoring (image below). The monitoring tool can be found at: https://monitoring.testnet.mesg.com

For additional information on the testnet, head over to https://docs.mesg.com/guide/network, or to start your Engine on the testnet, execute the following command:

mesg-cli daemon:start --network mesg-testnet-01 --path $HOME/.mesg-testnet-01

Aragon integration

The MESG Foundation received an Aragon Nest grant to build an application connecting Aragon DAOs to web2 services using MESG.

The application will provide users with a set of technologies, like Zapier, Email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Twitter or webhooks, that can be triggered from particular events from Aragon DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).

The application is running directly on the testnet built on top of Cosmos and Tendermint. See the original grant proposal here: https://github.com/aragon/nest/issues/190

The project is being completed in a series of four milestones:

  • The first milestone has been shipped. It consists of a backend application connecting any Aragon DAO to a webhook connector:
Aragon DAO / MESG Integration: Milestone 1
Milestone 1 of the MESG/Aragon DAO integration is complete, enabling any DAO on Aragon to connect to webhooks through a backend application.
  • Milestone 2 is currently in progress. It is an Aragon app which allows Aragon users to connect specific events from their DAO to specific connectors using the backend.
  • Milestone 3 will consist of adding connectors to the Aragon app, such as Zapier, Email, Slack, SMS, Telegram and Twitter.
  • Milestone 4 will be a public website that will allow anyone to connect any event from an Aragon DAO to any available connectors.
Aragon Milestone 1 demo

Upcoming development

Next, we will be working on updating the Engine to a classic Cosmos-SDK architecture, which will allow us to reuse the existing tools in the Cosmos ecosystem, while also allowing us to share the tools we create with the other parts of the Cosmos ecosystem. Here are two of our recent contributions:

Add to the docs of events and handler to set a new EventManager to the Context by NicolasMahe · Pull Request #5583 · cosmos/cosmos-sdk
Description Add to the docs of events and handler to set a new EventManager to the Context. If not done, the event manager contains events from previous messages of the same block/transaction and r...
Fix issue with multiple subscriptions by antho1404 · Pull Request #4406 · tendermint/tendermint
Using the WebSocket server, when the same client calls multiple time the subscribe method, only the last subscription receives all the events of the previous ones. example: subscription1 = tm.even...

Also, we will be working on enabling the Engine to run in specific roles, such as orchestrator, service manager, or blockchain validator-only configurations. The goal of this is to reduce the computational requirements of individual Engines, thus allowing more users to run their own Engine.

Additionally, we will soon complete the second milestone of the Aragon/MESG integration. This second milestone will be focused on creating an Aragon App. Preview below: