MESG will be spanning the globe with its first ever online hackathon. We’ll be bringing together hundreds of developers from around the world for a month-long hackathon starting January 18th. Developers will compete for the most innovative and creative apps built on MESG’s interoperable, scalable and efficient infrastructure.

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their product and compete among top teams for $10,000 in prizes, including a 1st place prize worth over $5,000.

Our hackathons are different: you don’t have to WIN to get paid. MESG’s new Marketplace of modular application components will give your app the opportunity to generate income long after our month-long hackathon has come to a close.

Come #BUIDL innovative apps

Unlike weekend hackathons, MESG’s first ever online hackathon will span for an entire month, from January, 18th to February, 17th at 23:59 UTC. Anyone in the world can participate, regardless of your expertise.

Developers experienced in any language now have the opportunity to participate in a hackathon while building on the world’s first cloud provider as a protocol: a blockchain-compatible building platform, with decentralized capabilities, complete with an open unregulated marketplace of services.


MESG has allotted $10,000 in prizes for the winners. The value of prizes will be measured in USD, however, prizes will be paid with the equivalent value of MESG Tokens.

A special prize will be awarded to an application which shows exceptional value or innovation, regardless of its final score or finishing place.

  • 1st place: $5,000
  • 2nd place: $3,000
  • 3rd place; $1,000
  • Special prize: $1,000

All eligible submissions will be presented to our panel of judges who will base their decision on four categories in equal weight: the idea, difficulty, demo, and the utilization and creation of MESG Services.

Want to know more? Sign up and start hacking!

How to Enter

Joining takes three steps: Start by registering on our forum. Then join the MESG Discord and introduce yourself in #introduce-yourself. Finally, post your project before the deadline in the “Hackathon” category on the Forum

Once joined, you’ll receive all the details on what to expect and the resources you need to start of the event.

Hackathon Rules

Details of the Hackathon, including all requirements and rules will be made available upon joining the event to ensure a level playing field for all participating!

Learn more about MESG and get involved with the community through our social channels on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.