Share interoperable services in the new economy of development

The MESG Foundation is excited to announce the release of the beta version of our decentralized MESG Marketplace It’s live and ready to use now:

This version lets users buy and sell access to modular application components for limited periods of time. Reusing components saves developers significant time in building applications while allowing others to earn tokens for development.

The MESG Marketplace is fully decentralized as it runs on Ethereum with a custom smart contract, and uses the MESG Token for purchasing access to services. The source code of services are also decentralized, published on IPFS.

Launching a new economy

This release is a major milestone for The MESG Foundation, which is on-track to building its vision of a decentralized network of services, fueled by a thriving utility token-based economy.

Prior to this release, MESG app components were shared for free using Github. Now, access to components can be purchased and sold using our own decentralized Marketplace, complete with a web-based UI. Users also still have the option to give away access to services for free.

The MESG Marketplace is a place for developers to earn tokens by charging other users to access services. Until the MESG Engine is decentralized, MESG Tokens will provide access to services for a limited amount of time.

The Marketplace is built for another kind of user too: developers looking save time developing services. Developers can browse the Marketplace to find powerful services that can be easily integrated into any new or existing app, regardless of whether they are familiar with the technology or programming language.

Services offered on the Marketplace include documentation and important information such as APIs, versioning info, quick deploy commands, pricing info and purchase histories.

This beta version includes these features and more. Keep in mind, new Marketplace features are already in the pipeline, so stay tuned for additional developments.

Our future is decentralized

In upcoming versions of MESG, the MESG Engine will become decentralized along with the Marketplace, allowing for direct P2P transactions (no middle men, including MESG itself), plus the option of decentralized execution and security within apps.

Around the time the network is launched, we will transition from our current Ethereum-based token to a native MESG Token. This will allow services to be paid for upon each execution, rather than purchasing access for a limited period of time.

This network will allow developers to run and execute applications in a variably decentralized way; apps and their components will remain available and continue running, regardless of if you decide to invest in maintaining a server or not.

Decentralized executions will also give MESG community members more ways to earn. Network validators, executors and emitters who commit to processing and securing applications and components can earn MESG Tokens for their participation.

Get in early

Like any new market, success is easiest to find when markets are unsaturated. The earlier value is provided, the higher the chances will be to create highly sought after and profitable apps and services.

Earn tokens from selling access to feature-rich services, or save development time by buying access to reusable services on the MESG Marketplace.