Current development and what to expect

We’re currently in the first stage of our deployment and are proud to announce that Version 0.1 of our software, Engine, has launched and is available for use now.

Engine is a common event channel and message broker which allows services featuring any technology to be fully interoperable and compatible with services on any other technology, from blockchains to IoT devices to legacy software.

Note: "Engine" was previously named "Core", but has been updated throughout this article for consistency.

A Common Gateway

With Version 0.1, we debut one of our signature features which takes away the need for you to reinvent the wheel each time a new service is added.

Instead of connecting technologies directly to your application through services, MESG services are connected to Engine, as is shown in the figure below. This way, developers can now share or reuse Services because they’ll remain the same for each application.

Typically, there wouldn’t be much use in sharing services because they’d be unique to your application. But with MESG, they’ve become a commodity which can be freely shared, helping accelerate the rate of creation and innovation.

We are proud to announce that services connected to technologies can now be shared on our Awesome repository and MESG Marketplace. Users can now connect complex services to their applications without writing any code whatsoever.

Connect Anything

MESG provides a technology-agnostic system of services, meaning you can connect any technology which you can send or receives data from, regardless of the programming language.

Connecting complex technologies doesn’t mean more work for you; in fact, it’s far less work. Your application doesn’t need to be highly complex to feature highly-complex technologies.

Engine manages all communications with all technologies so your application can remain simple and lightweight.

True Modularity

Because your application no longer needs to be responsible for managing its own services, your app can be updated and changed very easily.

Simply switch out services, remove one or add another without having to rewrite much of your application. You can even switch out one blockchain for another one with ease. The days of siloed and unconnected dApps are over.

Easy Path To Decentralization

Fully-functional apps will be temporarily centralized on users computers or servers until Q4 of 2018 when our beta Network launches (now launched). After the launch, your application’s services will run everywhere, and every part of your application will be executed by different actors on the network.

In order for applications to be easily transferable to our decentralized network, and to keep apps lightweight and effective, we encourage builders to model applications using event-driven architecture, so that apps are built to react to events and trigger tasks.

Let’s explore an example of a simple application based on event-driven architecture. The application in this example is built with three services: a price-update service which monitors airline ticket prices; a ticket-purchasing service which purchases tickets on your behalf; and finally an email service which sends emails. The application would look something like this:

When the airline ticket price falls below $500
Then buy the ticket
When the ticket is purchased
Then send a confirmation email to my inbox

This is both an efficient and powerful approach to developing applications.

To get started building a lightweight and easily-decentralized application, get started on the documentation:

The Road Ahead

June 2018 — Core Launched
Create your services and connect them together with your application through a single connection to Core, allowing Core to handle all communications and interoperability with any technology.

Q3 2018 — Rapid Deployment
No need to code your application anymore, just send a list of events with corresponding tasks within a simple configuration file to Core which will then execute tasks on your application’s behalf.

Q4 2018 — Beta Network
The beta decentralized Network means no coding or servers are necessary to run your applications. Connect thousands of services or applications from our shared repository

Q2 2020 — Main Network
MESG launches its own blockchain Network providing for full scalability and a cheaper and faster user experience. The main network will host the full functionality of the value-driven open market for the sharing of services.

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