Hey MESG community!

We’re finally pulling the wraps off of our long-awaited community Contribution Hub, built to exhibit and reward all of the contributions that make up MESG.

At its core, MESG is an open-source and community-driven project, meaning everything is open for all to see and improve (even the source code) . We want to encourage our community to improve all parts of this world-changing project.

To encourage and guide community contributions, we are debuting a new contribution dashboard that's made up of a four parts: a live feed, rewarded contributions, ways to help, and bonus tasks.

Live feed

First up is the live feed, which shows all of the individual contributions to MESG. Whether the task is small or large, we love to hear about it!

To kick things off, we populated the feed with previous contributions. If we miss your contribution, please add it to the feed by clicking the link “Add Contribution”.

In fact, for any new contributions, just follow this step to let us know about it, and you could be eligible for a rewarded contribution.

Rewarded contributions

When contributions go above-and-beyond our expectations in terms of quality and impact, we may send a special reward to the contributor. This might come in the form of tokens, swag, or other surprises.

Our aim is to differentiate this campaign from typical bounty campaigns which can sometimes do more long-term harm than good to a project. So to minimize the chatter and maximize effectiveness, we will be basing rewards on quality rather than quantity.

Genuinely interested in helping MESG become the universally-used framework for connecting emerging and legacy technologies? Good! You’re in the right place.

Ways to help

The “Ways to help” section is built to inspire! Here we break down eight different categories and list particular ways you could help in each of those categories.

This is by no means a rigid list, so please feel free to get creative, expand this list, and think of new ways or even entirely new categories of contributions.

Bonus tasks

The MESG Foundation often needs help on very specific issues. In those cases, we'll be using Bounties Network and Gitcoin to manage tasks, rewards and payouts.

Gitcoin is used for all development tasks, while Bounties Network is used for tasks that fit within any other categories.

The same guidelines apply to all sorts of contributions, whether rewarded or not: we’re looking for quality over quantity. Bonus tasks will only be paid out if the task has been carried out correctly.

Don't forget to add your contribution to the live feed. Those who do could receive an additional reward for submissions that show exceptional quality or impact.

Get started:

The new contribution dashboard is out now! Head over to see how you can help build MESG into an even better project. We’ll be sure to thank you.