For this edition of the Bi-Weekly News, we’re bringing you more developments from the MESG Foundation, including a suite of significant releases, a new Plasma Guard proof-of-concept, and updated documentation. Read on to learn about what we have been up to:

Research & Development

Marketing & Community

  • Released new showcase webpage for Plasma Guard
  • Made a demo video for Plasma Guard
  • Wrote articles regarding partnerships
  • Released article on Plasma Guard
  • Listed MESG on product listing websites
  • Expanded our reach via Reddit, HackerNews & newsletters
  • Worked on an expansive new ATD website concept

Partners & Administration

  • Worked on MESG integrations with BeachHead and other partners
  • Met with regarding OmiseGO on plasma builder application
  • Discussed plasma development with Embark
  • Met with BeachHead about building our joint marketplace of properties
  • Completed an interview to be later released by a partner

Stay up to date

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