Research & Development

  • Worked on decentralizing processes to Cosmos/Tendermint
  • Improved processes with nested data
  • Released Engine v0.17.0
  • Worked on a redesign of MESG Token ATD due to irregular bot activity. Announcement coming soon!
  • Worked on the MESG dashboard, we can now visualize services, instances, runners, and executions in real-time
  • Updated the Marketplace and all services to v0.17
  • Published new @mesg/application v0.2
  • Made a process for ERC-20 notifications
  • Created advanced e2e tests of the Engine
  • Created an error message for the command daemon:logs when the Engine is not running. Thanks Vlad Silviu Farcas!
  • Released new examples for Process documentation Thank you Ayush Gupta πŸ‘

Marketing & Communications

Partners & Administration

  • Worked on Aragon implementation of MESG
  • Solidified partnership with Aragon
  • Met with Yellow regarding MESG Token
  • Worked on BeachHead/MESG integration

Stay up to date

To stay up to date on MESG’s latest developments, join our Forum or chat with us on Discord. Advanced users, head to Github. Plus, if you have suggestions or improvements, feel free to make a pull request. MESG is open source and community-driven.