The past two weeks have been full of new developments at the MESG Foundation, including version 0.10 of the MESG Engine, refinements to the ATD Dashboard, as well as a new service compilation and instance database. Read on to learn what we have been up to:

Research & Development

Marketing & Community

  • Worked on arranging hackathon partnerships such as Cosmos HackAtom
  • Updated website tracking analytics to improve conversion
  • Developed partner use case articles
  • Updated website responsive
  • Built new 404 error page
  • Wrote out the development roadmap

Partners & Administration

  • Finished project proposal for BeachHead
  • Continued development on BeachHead / MESG integration
  • Worked with potential partners on future collaborations
  • Arranged exchange listings

Stay up to date

To keep up to date on all of MESG’s latest developments, join our Forum or chats on Discord. Advanced users, head over to Github. Plus, if you have any suggestions or changes you’d like to see made, feel free to make a pull request. MESG is open source and community driven.

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