In this edition of the Bi-Weekly news, we’re bringing you some big developments at the MESG Foundation, including the introduction of multi-path workflows and the first service deployed and validated on our decentralized network built with Cosmos & Tendermint. Read on to learn about what we have been up to:

Research & Development

  • Published Engine v0.13
  • Released new CLI v1.2.0
  • Published Engine v0.12 release notes
  • Integrated multi-step workflows using a graph structure
  • Simplified PlasmaGuard application by converting to a workflow
  • Migrated to the latest version of Cosmos v0.36 (LTS version)
  • Make lots of progress on the decentralized network. Continuously working on the integration of Cosmos SDK and Tendermint to the Engine. Check out the following GIF that shows an ephemeral network with one Engine running as a validator (producing blocks) and one Engine running as a client (receiving block):

Marketing & Community

Partners & Administration

  • Met with BeachHead regarding building a blockchain-integrated marketplace
  • Preparing for our move to new offices at Yellow incubator
  • OmiseGO mentioned us on Reddit
  • Developed a sponsorship/advisory program

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