We’ve been hard at work for the past two weeks finalizing the foundation of the decentralized network and the workflow engine, the next two major features.

Plus, we’ve updated our ATD Dashboard and got recognized by Santiment as one of the top-10 most active projects under development in the ERC20 space. Read on to learn about what we have been up to:

Research & Development

  • Finalized the reorganization of the Engine SDK package
  • Finalized new Engine APIs. This includes Executions, Events, Services and Instances
  • Updated JS Library to new Engine APIs
  • Updated CLI to new Engine APIs
  • Updated ATD Dashboard, including a new layout, daily percentages for each account and release information on circulating supply
  • Continued development on OmiseGO Plasma watcher service, which exits the plasma chain if there is any issue and challenges invalid exits

Marketing & Community

  • Santiment featured MESG in the top most active dev teams in ERC20 space
  • Updated visuals and content of MESG Business Plan Summary, 2-Pager, and Application of the Decentralized Network of Services documents.
  • Worked on building out new interactive ATD Dashboard
  • Implemented new social media management software
  • Worked on a KPI dashboard
  • Worked on some tech improvement for the Website (responsive images)
  • Completed work on the MESG Global Report (Data Studio) including implementation of new Documentation and Marketplace analytics, and the creation of event tracking for the Marketplace in GTM.

Partners & Administration

  • Worked with BeachHead on the implementation of their marketplace
  • Met with OmiseGO regarding plasma watcher
  • Met with FXPay.io
  • Applied for upcoming events and hackathons

Stay up to date

To keep up to date on all of MESG’s latest developments, join our Forum or chats on Discord. Advanced users, head over to Github. Plus, if you have any suggestions or changes you’d like to see made, feel free to make a pull request. MESG is open source and community driven.

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