The MESG Foundation’s Algorithmic Token Distribution (ATD) system has undergone major improvements this month. In the newest update, we’re boosting our distribution solution with a real-time dashboard.

ATD Dashboard: trustless transparency

Trustlessness and transparency are at the core of our ethos at The MESG Foundation, so we’ve decided to release a dashboard detailing our exact token release statistics.

The ATD Dashboard is used to display the daily traded volume, the daily distribution of the allocations, the circulating supply, the allocation percentages and more.

The release and management statistics on the ATD Dashboard can be compared against public records such as CoinMarketCap or Etherscan to know that we are keeping our word and are never releasing more than promised.

Vested payouts: stability & automation

Another upgrade to the ATD is that it will now include stricter vesting periods on token payouts.

Now, all payouts of MESG Tokens, including payouts for founders, whale investors and even prize winners will follow automated payout schedules; full quantities of large payouts will be made available to the payees slowly over time.

These vesting schedules are now managed automatically via The ATD Smart Contract to ensure that tokens are released steadily. The standard vesting schedule is applicable to all tokens except those purchased on the free market, greatly reducing the risk for large dumps and huge value fluctuations.

Building upon a solid foundation

The ATD works by determines the daily trading volume, calculated from the aggregation of the last 24 hours traded volume of all of the major crosses against the MESG Token.

Then, the ATD Smart Contract is used to distribute tokens from the different allocations, ensuring transparency by recording all activities related to the ATD on a public ledger (Ethereum Mainnet).

The release rate is variable, is determined by optimal market health. This rate varies in order to maintain a minimum 20% token supply for the MESG Foundation to align longterm incentives. The actual release rate will be published on the ATD Dashboard on the following day.

Releasing MESG Tokens based on actual volume helps tokens in two ways:

  • First, it protects tokens in slower or bear markets by not flooding the market with tokens when industry-wide purchases are at their lowest.
  • Second, it allows tokens to flourish in fast markets by releasing more tokens when more buyers are actually looking to buy them.

Releasing fewer tokens in slow markets and more tokens in faster markets is a more balanced approach to token distribution, which is why we think it’s perfect for utility tokens like MESG.

MESG Tokens are currently available for purchase on DigiFinex and BitForex, and can be used to buy or sell access to modular application components in the MESG Marketplace.

Get started today by saving significant time in development, or by earning royalties by sharing services in the MESG Marketplace.