We’re extremely excited to announce the MESG Ecosystem Hackathon, the second online hackathon by the MESG Foundation.

For this hackathon, we’re not only looking for awesome MESG services and processes, but also tools like wallets, explorers process builders or debuggers to interact with our blockchain built using Tendermint.

Hackathon Details

The MESG Ecosystem Hackathon will run from March 1st to April 26th, 2020, online at Devpost. Developers at any skill level are more than welcome to join.

We’ll be giving away $9,000 in prizes to developers who build tools, services and/or processes that show exceptional quality, originality, creativity, impact and usefulness.

For inspiration, check out the winners from 2019’s MESG Online Hackathon.

See the full details and rules on Devpost.

Sign up now

Whether you’ve used Devpost before or not, registration is straightforward. Click the link to Devpost below, log in or create an account, then click the “Register for this Hackathon” button.

MESG Ecosystem Hackathon
<p>A testnet was released last month for MESG’s open, service-based development framework. To celebrate the launch, we’re throwing our second hackathon<strong> from March 1st - April 26th 2020</strong> to expand the ecosystem and test the new testnet.</p> <p>All services and processes in the MESG e…

MESG testnet

The launch of this hackathon comes shortly after the release of the new MESG testnet, where services and processes can be easily shared and executed upon through a distributed network.

Services, processes or tools created in this hackathon will go live on the testnet, and can be upgraded to the upcoming mainnet. On the mainnet, service or process creators will have the opportunity to earn tokens each time their code is reused by others on the network.

Also, other actors that want to support the network such as validators, emitters, executors, or block producers can earn tokens for their work. Learn more about the actors in the MESG economy.