With the launch of Liteflow, it was time to rethink all of the products of MESG, token included.

The goal of the MESG token was always to provide a real utility for developers and entrepreneurs who want to create applications and run them without having to worry about hosting and scaling. This is why we developed the MESG Engine with a native token for all this time, and this is why we are now confident to launch Liteflow, a production-ready MESG network with its own credit system to track the activity in the network.

With that goal in mind, we had to re-think the real utility of the current MESG ERC20 Token on Ethereum.

What will happen to the MESG Token?

The MESG ERC20 Token will be delisted from current exchanges (https://www.bitforex.com/, https://www.digifinex.com/) on May 15th, 2020 and the contract paused.

If you already have some MESG Tokens, you have until May 15th, 2020 to send us an email to token@mesg.com that contains your Ethereum address and your balance with the following format:

to: token@mesg.com
subject: Token conversion

Hello MESG Team,

I would like to convert my MESG Tokens:

Ethereum address: {{ 0xYOUR_ETHEREUM_ADDRESS }}


Once we receive this email you will receive the instructions for you to convert your MESG Tokens. These tokens might be converted into credits of execution on the Liteflow platform but other solutions might be proposed.

Note 1: Conversion of MESG token options will be decided by the MESG Foundation

Note 2: All emails sent after the deadline will not be valid.

Note 3: All transfers after the deadline will not be valid.

Note 4: When you receive a reply from us, make sure to check the sender of the email. It should be a @mesg.com email.

Note 5: Proposition for the conversion of the token is based on the date of publication of this announcement.

Disclaimer: MESG Foundation does not give any guarantee that once converted into Liteflow credits, your credits will be able to be withdrawn or transferable, or used outside the Liteflow product.